Video: We are doomed if we can’t trust a single institution with seized equipment from illegal mining sites


Outspoken Ghanaian political and social commentator Kwame Asare otherwise known as A-Plus has opined that Ghana is doomed if none of the many government agencies can be trusted with equipment seized from illegal mining sites in the ongoing operation aimed at saving the country’s water bodies.

According to the founder of The People’s Project, the country has had to use the taxpayers’ money to settle various individuals for illegally confiscating their equipment in times past and therefore found it not prudent to tow the same lane since future governments may be faced with similar situations.

“I do not agree with the burning of mining equipment…if you support the burning of mining equipment, I need you to answer these questions. Did the NDC government burn people’s equipment? Did the owners take them to court? Did the government pay the owners for destroying their equipments? If yes, then why do we burn equipment again when there are clear cases to look at? Many people have gone to court on such issues with some winning their cases and others losing.”

A Plus said more and questioned why the country could not trust any of its institutions or agencies to watch over seized equipment from illegal mining sites.

Watch A Plus speak.

The President of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in a recent address advised people who opposed the decision to burn such equipment to proceed to court.