WATCH|AKA falls after trying to crowd surf at a ‘groove’!


It looks like gravity was working overtime this past weekend, because not only did multimillionaire Oprah Winfrey and DJ Maphorisa trip and fall, but AKA also joined the list.

No-one knows for sure why so many people fell over the weekend. Conspiracy theories have attributed the mini accidents-turned-into-internet memes to ghosts while here at home tweeps think it may have something to do with the underground gang aka the ancestors.

Ayt … so Oprah fell on stage while giving a speech and Phori was uhm jumping fences when gravity did what it is famous for.

However, AKA’s fall was, uhm, probs a result of not cav’ing the situation properly.

What had happened was … Supa Mega was busy performing at what looks like a club, which was pretty lit and the people were obvs having their drank on. So when AKA decided to crowd surf while performing Congratulate … well, let’s just say everything went ‘downhill’ after that.

The crowd didn’t exactly catch AKA which is how he landed on the floor.

But hey, that didn’t stop AKA from continuing his performance and that is why he’s one of the best to ever do this performing thing.

Anywho, watch the video below.